T-7 And Counting: Gearing Up For TwinsLaunchDate

Have I mentioned that my wife is pregnant? With twins?

For those who don’t know, we now have a ‘launch date’: March 12th, a week today.  We can be so precise as she has to have a C-Section.

She had her last scan yesterday, saw the Obstetrician,  gave her usual sample, had her blood pressure checked & had a blood test.  They’re giving her special attention there, she’ll have 2 Consultants performing the delivery. They were very thorough! We were there for 2 & a half  hours, (& had to pay £4 in parking).  The Obby was concerned that the stomach pains my wife had recently may have actually been labour pains: they could still come early, so we have to be ready!

We’re more & more certain that we have 2 healthy strong babies: they now weigh in at 6 lbs each! In the last 2 weeks they’ve increased in weight by nearly 15%, a pound & half between them.

They were both in the breach position, head to head, facing the same way. In short, they’re spooning. 1,2,3…. “Awwww”.

Unfortunately they’re too big now to be able to get a decent picture; it would have been a great 1. Plenty of opportunity for that in times to come I hope.

The movements are yet stronger & more pronounced: we can watch my wife’s belly ‘roiling with bits of baby’. It reminds me at times of the hot mud springs in Rotorua in New Zealand!  I’m sure I felt a little hand on my thumb this morning. I of course can only feel external movements, not the internal ones against my wife’s ribs, bowels, lungs etc. It’s ‘slightly less pleasant’ for her of course, but she loves it none the less.

I said it before but this has been an incredible experience for both of us already: one that we’ll always treasure, come what may. It’s really brought us together; as a couple we’ve never been closer.

We had another good chat in the car & at the hospital yesterday & have more or less decided on names, but we’ll wait until they emerge before finally deciding. We’ll keep you posted.

One thought on “T-7 And Counting: Gearing Up For TwinsLaunchDate”

  1. Ooooo so excited for you both! Despite suffering during pregnancy and carrying 2 giant babies, I REALLY miss being kicked; there’s just nothing like it at all.

    Really can’t wait to see your babies; fingers crossed until then 😀 xx

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