Before and After

I’ve been unhappy for some time with the way Jake & Ellie’s toys are stored in the small space I have available. My solution was to buy some IKEA shelves & boxes; then I saw how a friend, a childminder, stored her many toys & games.

She mostly used shelves, that way nearly everything was visible & available.

As with most things in their lives I don’t like to dictate what they do; I like to give them as much choice as I can. It also helps me to be able to find toys when I need to.

So I had a tidy up!

I was going to screw some shelves to the wall, then – although I still plan to do that later – I found a perfectly good unit in the shed. I decided it was much better employed in storing fun stuff than propping up old tins of fence stain & paint.

 It was after I turfed it all out that I realised just how many toys & games we have!

click to biggify

After a bit – OK, a lot – of sorting & head-scratching (and yes: I made a list!) I brilliantly deduced that I could still use the old IKEA units. After I’d moved them out of the way, of course…

Anyway, this was the result:

click to biggify

1-DSC_0922 (2)Better, yes? I think so!

There are still too many boxes & too much stuff on the floor for my liking, including the separate boxes for drawing / colouring-in, painting, crafting & play-doh which I’ve put under the table, but it’s a great improvement.

But it’s not for me: I’ve yet to see what the experts think! I’ll find out on our next play session after school today, so “watch this space”!

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