Birds, bees, needles & lots of spots


It was during the recent trauma – and closeness – of our vigil with Ellie during her week in hospital with ‘the pox’.

She slept a lot of the time, day & night, due to her illness & the medication she was taking. She’d just recently awoken, & we were doing ordinary things, like watching children’s TV or videos, & chatting.

We got to talking about our being in hospital when she & Jake were born, when out of the blue she said:

“Doctors make babies, don’t they?”


I was doing the ‘night shift’; it was late; I was tired; I was stressed.

This was unexpected! It threw me!

She’s only 4! Isn’t a bit early to have ‘The Talk’?

Thinking quickly (or at least trying to) but carefully I managed to come up with something like:

“Well, not really… You came out of Mummy’s tummy;” (which she already knew) “babies are made from a bit of the Mummy & a bit of the Daddy.”

I’m not sure that even makes sense to me, but she seemed satisfied with my explanation. Maybe she was just too tired to want to think about it too much.

So did I do OK? Marks out of 10 please!

What could I have said differently?

What would you have said? Have you been in a similar situation yourself?

Please let me know!


Thoughts? Feel free to share:

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