From the Mouths of Babes and Infants, again

So we have what’s become a Thursday tradition now. After school Jake & Ellie go to their gym class, while the Mummy & I sit around chatting with each other & with other parents there.

Then we troop off to MacDonald’s for Happy Meals, toys & a nice family outing.

We were talking about my good friend the Pope. I think it led on from a large family we’d seen & wondering if maybe they were committed Catholics & didn’t use birth control.

I had thought that he was turning out to be a good guy, or at least one of the better Pontiffs. He’d said sorry for a lot of the very nasty things many members of his organisation had done & that his predecessors had glossed over. He was saying lots of nice things about how we should all be nice to each other. He seemed sincere, & he probably is.

But then he goes & spoils it all by saying something stupid like: ‘Let’s hit children’! He praised a man he saw beating his young child, & held him up as an example of ideal fatherhood.

Not only stupid, but dangerous. Does he really not understand that violence against children is just as much of an abuse as is sexual abuse?

Then he tells us all that if any of us don’t have children we’re being selfish.

My wife commented “And all this from a man who’s never had children”.

Jake was paying more attention than I’d thought. I thought he was busy with his food & his Shaun the Sheep toy – you have to be careful don’t you?!

He piped up: “So if this man isn’t a daddy, then he hasn’t had children, so doesn’t that make him selfish?”


I can’t fault his logic: can you?

I love that little guy!

Apologies for the rantiness of this post, & no offence is intended. Except if it’s deserved 😉

Thoughts? Feel free to share:

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