A Nice Surprise

I was walking past the doctor’s surgery in town this morning (trying to keep warm – thanks May!) when I saw something on the seat outside.

Being the nosey parker concerned citizen that I am I went in to have a look. It was a bouquet of flowers.

That’s my sofa it’s on, by the way – not the public bench!


“Oh dear,” I thought “someone must have left this behind; they’re probably inside seeing a Doctor”

There was s note attached, so I read it thinking it might have the owner’s name on it. Instead I found this:


I duly obliged: The Lonely Bouquet needed a home!

So now here it is brightening up my messy little house:


A nice surprise! Although – as much as I admire their marketing methods – I probably won’t be going to the flower arranging classes that were advertised on the back 🙂


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