Written on behalf of CSI Wall Panels

For many people, home is not the place to live in; it’s a place where they feel energetic and want to refresh. There is nothing like being at home. We all have dreams to decorate our home extraordinary well: from the entrance to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the bathroom. We want every corner of our home to be perfect.

We think of everything. Right?!

Do we think of everything? The answer is NO.

We think of everything but the wall. What about the wall? What is there to think about it? You can’t move the walls; they are the boring, stationary and never-changing things. All you can do to is paint it, and just by adding a touch of colour, new wall colour, your room feels absolutely new and looks perfectly awesome.

But why only paint it? What if you have the option to change the texture of the wall as well? Moreover, along with that, you have various patterns to choose from. Yes! It’s an ‘old wives’ tale’ isn’t it? – the wall is only for painting. We bring you a perfect solution for that. Now a makeover starts and ends with the WALLS.

While renovating we actually focus what is between our walls; we bring different artefacts, showpiece, and home decor items to bring some beautiful changes. Why spend so much when you can bring astonish transformation with only one change?

Use WALL PANELS and give a dazzling look to your home, an innovative approach to change the look of home by adding a spice of texture and pattern to the wall. A wall panel is just a single piece of material. Wall panels come in a wide range of designs, shapes, sizes and colours, so picking the best one that suits your home is easy. The decorative wall panel will offer you all the inspiration needed to get your home the improvement you’re looking for; sensational change within no time and without much hassle.

We offer you a wide variety of wall panel material and types: for instance decorative, wood veneer, textured, gypsum, felt, panels for the ceiling and many more. You can play with different colours too; from light-coloured wall panels to bold coloured ones. We offer decorative acoustic or 3D wall panels too – an impressive and even ravishing look for your living room or bedroom – which come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and textures.

Colours help you to enhance your mood, so choosing the right colour for your living room or bedroom can improve your sleep pattern. Green and blue, for instance, are perfect bedroom colours, while white can have a stress-reducing effect. If you want to go for a completely white decorative wall you can choose different textures and patterns, which will add a stylish look to your bedroom. While white bedrooms depict a calm and peaceful ambience,  if you have smaller rooms where you cannot store so many decorative items for the wonderful atmosphere you want to create, you can balance it with our decorative wall panels. Select cleverly coloured, patterned and textured panels for the walls. If you add lighter colours like white or pastel tones it gives an impression of a bigger room, while bold colour gives the impression of optically reduced space. You can also add textures with 3D effect, and find the right light to give it a smashing atmosphere.

You can bring an extra dimension to a basic common wall. It feels good to be surrounded by beauty. doesn’t it? A simple change to your walls can bring warmth and add that reviving aura: the wall will speak thousands of words. There’s no need to add other showpieces when you can have these amazing, beautiful and decorative wall panels.

A wall panels gives a model-refashioning look. It comes with the perfect accent; you can give the decor a traditional or contemporary look using wall panels. Now make the walls pop and let them be the centre of attraction in your home like never before! After finishing with wall panels installed over them, they not only change the eye but attract attention. They are unbreakable and will never lose their shape: hence you can use them for wall decoration both  indoors or out, whatever you need. Change the entrance, and you will be surprised to see the outcome.

Alternatively, want a quick makeover of the bedroom to try different textures? Small changes can make a big difference; this is definitely true with our wall panels. A wall panel will add a beautiful touch to the decor. Wall panels will give your home a look you and your friends will be surprised to see. Incorporating felt wall panels, architectural wall panels or architectural wood veneer wall panel to white bedrooms will give a glaring look to your room. They give a complete insulation on your walls, with no spots, no rots in future and no wasted energy.

The wall panel is ideal for any exterior and interior applications. It needs virtually no maintenance. You can include it in offices, conference rooms, building receptions, homes, flats, reception areas, entryways and more. These wall panels are water-, impact-, and stain-resistant, and they come at a very affordable price. As well as being durable and timeless they are also stylish, instantly adding a dramatic that raises the room’s ambience and leaves a lasting impression. They are perfect for any room, including the garage, basement, study or utility room.

You have endless options to choose from and possibilities with which to decorate your home. Good interior decor now has an ally: you can balance the style of the furniture using wood veneer panels. You can style any room using vivid pastel, cool tones and texture. They are elegant, cordial and balanced, and can be suited to the taste of a home’s inhabitants. And using wall panels can help you not to go overboard with decorative items: balance and harmony is key while designing the room to support the look you seek.

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