5 Tips About Choosing the Best Flooring for Different Parts of Your House


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The floors are one of the most important parts of your house. Sure, the roof protects everything inside and the walls matter as well, but you walk on your floors daily. They get plenty of abuse. For this reason alone, they need to be well cared for – after you choose the best ones, that is. Picking out new flooring from grapevine flooring should be fun, not a chore. These five tips, courtesy of Wraps Studio, will help you with the process. We’ll go room by room, giving you some ideas for the most common spaces in your home.

1) Go with a Low Maintenance Option in Your Mudroom

Mudrooms get a lot of abuse. They’re the first room entered, as well as the place where your kids will track in mud (hence their names) and place all of their belongings. You need a mudroom floor that will last, such as ceramic or porcelain tiles. Both are easy to clean and can take quite a beating.

2) Pick an Easy To Clean Rug for Playrooms

Playrooms require soft carpeting. Your kids will spend hours sitting on the floor in there. The best carpeting for this room is something that’s tightly woven, yet soft. Consider something made of nylon or polypropylene fibers, since they’re easy to clean. Carpet tiles are another great option, since they can be switched out easily when they get too damaged or stained.


3) Consider Soft and Warm Flooring In Bedrooms

Many bedrooms have hardwood floors. They look great, but the problem lies in the temperature. There’s nothing quite like getting out of a warm bed and stepping on cold floors! (Unless you like that sort of thing, since it helps you wake up.) Instead of choosing hardwoods for the bedroom, consider going with a nice mid-pile carpet from grapevine flooring. Carpeting is comfortable to walk on, is warm, and since the room won’t receive a lot of foot traffic, you can get away it something that is a bit higher maintenance.


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4) Choose a Versatile Option for a Guest Room and Home Office

If you have a room that does double duty, such as the classic guest room/craft space/home office, then you need a rug that fits the décor, yet doesn’t shout that it belongs in one category or another. Instead, look for a colorful rug or patterned carpet that looks like it should be in such a versatile space.


5) Think Outside of the Box in Your Kitchen

Tile is the most common flooring option for the kitchen. Some people also choose linoleum. While both of these are valid, since they’re easy to clean and will stand up to such a high traffic area, they aren’t exciting. Instead, you should consider something a bit outside of the box, such as wood laminate, cork, or even rubber tiles from Wraps Studio. These are all comfortable to walk on, which is great for a room that you’ll spend quite a bit of time standing up in.


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