About that strange name…

“Whiskey for aftershave? What, are you some kind of tramp?”

Well, yes:  if I don’t shave for a while & put off getting my hair cut (which does happen). Then there’s that coat with the hole…

But that’s beside the point:

December 2009,  my wife is pregnant with twins (1 of each – yay) & they are set to make their debut in the big bad world in March. Having spent the best part of 50 years in a child-free state I have to confess to be a little bit apprehensive about it all. Excited too.

She’s always had a sensitive nose & frequently complains that my fancy, haute couture cheap aftershave gives her migraines. We finally settled on one that a) stopped my face hurting, b) didn’t make her head explode, & c) is cheap.

Then she goes & gets pregnant. With twins. (Did I mention that?). With the increased sensitivity of her condition she now can’t even stand the smell of that aftershave.

Christmas Day, we’re set to drive down to that London for lunch with her parents & back home again: 4 hours in the car together. I’d shaved to look vaguely human but couldn’t find any aftershave anywhere that didn’t get a response like “What is that awful smell?”. I felt like I was on Dragon’s Den & X-Factor at the same time.

In desperation & with “we’ve got to go” ringing in my ears we suddenly remembered that bottle of JD in the ‘fridge, put 2 & 2 together & came up with apparent insanity: Whiskey for Aftershave. It worked!

Did I mention my wife is was pregnant? With twins?

I’ve seen loads of great blogs about babies & child-rearing by Mums (I plan to link to some here), but not so many from Dads.  So I thought I’d do a Dad Blog, about pregnancy & babies & raising twins from a (older) bloke’s perspective, & how it all can affect us: in weird & wonderful ways. Like using whiskey for aftershave.

I plan to be a very hands-on Dad, more so than most I suspect, to the extent that I may even be the main carer: we’ll see. I’ve been surprised to discover how enthusiastic I’ve been at the idea of having kids; it had always been my wife’s great desire, which I thought I was just going along with for her sake. Now I find myself to be as excited as she is, if not more.

That of course may change…

So if you’re enticed by the possibility of a grown man being reduced to a quivering wreck by 2 very small people then watch this space!

UPDATE: This was written in January 2010, & they did indeed arrive healthy & hearty in March; they’re bloody hard work but we both love them to bits. I haven’t gone mad yet (although everyone says that, especially mad people, so who knows?), but there’s plenty of time for that yet…

To contact me please email: whiskeyaftershave@yahoo.co.uk